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dog poop bags

dog poop bags

rōmng (formerly Alpha Dog Pack) is a brand that is motivated by nature.

As a premium lifestyle brand that features high quality earth-friendly dog products made from renewable and natural materials, it is our goal to reduce plastic waste starting with what we use to pick up after our dogs (poop). Our 100% compostable and bio-based bags are both great options for reducing plastic waste and are available for subscription and individual orders. We also feature our amazing genuine veg-tan leather leashes made in the USA!

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🌍motivated by nature

Our 100% compostable and bio-based bags are great eco-friendly alternatives to standard (epi) plastic bags.

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Our premium poop bags are super durable, easy to tear, leak and odor proof and guaranteed to pick up after your dog.

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We match every 1st-time order and donate to one of our rescue partners.

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pack reviews

Best bags!!!

These bags are amazing! Sometimes Louie gets the occasional stinky poo & these bags locked the stink in! I didn’t have to hold the bag as far as my arms could reach while we walked! This company is amazing so easy to work with thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Kaylyn on Dec 10, 2020

Awesome Dog Waste Bags

Do you ever get grossed out with the fact that you have to lick your fingers to open a dog waste bag? I do! But, with these Alpha Dog bags, I never have to lick my fingers to open the bag! I’m not spending 10 minutes standing in front of a pile of poop, licking my fingers, and trying to open a bag. I love how easy it is to use these bags! Great product!

Ken K. on Dec 06, 2020

Best eco poop bags ever!

Is it possible to love a dog poop bags ? Bc I’m :)
Much thicker and softer material.
Easy to tear and Paw design my favorite :) 100% leak-proof and extra thick,never worry about your hands when you pick the poo up. Plus 1st time orders are matched and donated to their rescue partners !!

Shoko Ben on Oct 28, 2020

Alpha Dog Pack Paws Up

I recently tried the Alpha Dog Pack bags for my poop scoopin and tossin. Got to say, these are so much better than the plastic poop bags. They are much easier to open, totally biodegradable and I feel at ease knowin I’m saving the planet.

Sprocket on Oct 11, 2020

Love these compostable bags!

We love these compostable bags! They're more environmentally-friendly, PLUS the Alpha Dog Pack donates to rescues. As a rescue pup, we value this in a company. The bags are strong enough to that they don't rip and risk poopy hands.They're easy to open too - a bonus for those us that live in cold climates.

Ollie the Doglet on Sep 14, 2020

Best bags ever!

I couldn’t be happier with these bags, they’re soft yet thick. I don’t have to worry about the bags ripping during my run (Yuck, it’s happened more times than I’d like to admit). I love that they are compostable, especially since I have two dogs. Plus, the monthly subscription is super affordable, roughly the same amount that I would spent at big box stores

Aspen and Piper on Jul 25, 2020

Poop Bags— Easy & Environmentally Friendly

I LOVE that these poop bags are compostable and affordable. It is very important to me to my part for the environment and this is one small way to help. They come in a reusable dispenser that can attach to any leash.

Brittany Brown on Jun 16, 2020

Best Poop Bags Ever!

These bags are amazing!! They are durable and thicker than any other poop bags I've ever used. They're also super soft and we love how easy the holder is to attach and detach from a leash, backpack or whatever you may put it on.

Emma and Izzy on Jun 03, 2020

Love these bags!!

First off, I love how they are eco-friendly! What a way to help our earth! I also love how they are so soft—the quality is just awesome. I’ve tried so many poop bags but these are by far my fav! Highly recommended!

Chanel June on May 06, 2020