our story

Started out of a need for something different, rōmng is a brand that is motivated by nature. As a premium lifestyle brand that features high quality earth-friendly dog products made from renewable and natural materials, it is our goal to reduce plastic waste starting with what we use to pick up after our dogs (poop).
The 100% compostable and bio-based bags are both great options for reducing plastic waste. Our 100% compostable bags are made from a blend of compostable resins and cornstarch, which are suitable for home and industrial composting. The bio-based bags are a blend of HDPE plastic and cornstarch, making for a more eco-friendly option to the standard plastic (EPI) bags. 
Our pack members are the adventure-seekers and independent thinkers that love to explore all the earth has to offer. Most importantly, we believe in being responsible dog owners and stewards of the earth.


As a brand we are committed to reducing plastic waste on planet and that
is why our entire product line is made of natural earth-friendly
materials like our genuine leather leashes, hemp rope toys and bio-based
poop bags!


We pride ourselves on
sourcing best-in-class quality products across our product line. From our 100% leak proof compostable and bio-based poop bags to our handmade
leather leashes we stand behind our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Designed with the adventurer in mind, all of our products are premium styled so you can express yourself while walking your dog!


All of our products are available
through our website and will be drop-shipped to your door. We also
partner with select retailers that carry our products. You can learn more about our retailers here.


We partner with a variety of dog
rescues, trainers, breeders and organizations and donate poop bags and in some cases a percentage of revenues. You can learn more about our partners here.