change subscription shipping address

To update your shipping address for your poop bag subscription you must do the following:

*NOTE: Accounts are not mandatory when purchasing your 1st subscription order so you must create an account with the same email you used to order your subscription.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Scroll down to and click on 'Manage Subscriptions'
  3. Go to Shipping Address in top menu (desktop) or Hamburger Menu (Mobile)
  4. Click on the address you'd like to edit
  5. Make the necessary changes and click update shipping address.

Once done your shipping address has been changed!


As a brand we are committed to reducing plastic waste on planet and that
is why our entire product line is made of natural earth-friendly
materials like our genuine leather leashes, hemp rope toys and bio-based
poop bags!


We pride ourselves on
sourcing best-in-class quality products across our product line. From our 100% leak proof compostable and bio-based poop bags to our handmade
leather leashes we stand behind our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Designed with the adventurer in mind, all of our products are premium styled so you can express yourself while walking your dog!


All of our products are available
through our website and will be drop-shipped to your door. We also
partner with select retailers that carry our products. You can learn more about our retailers here.


We partner with a variety of dog
rescues, trainers, breeders and organizations and donate poop bags and in some cases a percentage of revenues. You can learn more about our partners here.