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Why we are changing our name.

Why we are changing our brand name from Alpha Dog Pack to rōmng.

First of all, we'd like to thank all of our loyal pack members for your support over the last 4+ years! Running a business and building a brand has many twists and turns, ups and downs, and we appreciate you all for staying with us through it all.

The brand Alpha Dog Pack was a vision that came to life overtime and a lot of hard work. It was actually based on our now 13 year old pitbull, Rocco's, personality. As the brand has grown and as we gained more knowledge about the industry it has become more apparent that we have out grown the name Alpha Dog Pack. Also, there are other brands that use to the words Alpha and Dog so to avoid any further confusion with customers and retail partners we felt it was time change our name.

Which brings us to our NEW brand name, rōmng (pronounced roaming). We feel the name rōmng aligns with our passion and commitment to the earth, nature and adventure! rōmng is a brand that is motivated by nature and will continue to produce products that feature natural and sustainable materials with the same premium style and quality.

We will continue to update all our communication channels with the new branding. If you follow us on IG and FB these pages will remain the same but the handle will be @romngdog over the next week or so. The website url will change to romng.com.


Nicholas Castelli

Founder & CEO

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