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Vermont Dog Trainer Partnership!

We are truly excited about our partnership with the Vermont Dog Trainer and their founder, Ian! Ian has an amazing podcast called the Vermont Dog Trainer Show, where he interviews some of the top dog trainers across the country and talks dog training and dog psychology. He also has an exclusive Facebook group called The Canine Cooperative where you can watch videos and even get live advice from Ian.

The unwanted behaviors your dog is showing is a secondary emotion, which means there is ALWAYS A REASON BEHIND IT! Do you know what that reason is? The Canine Cooperative is an exclusive group of dog owners who are learning what these reasons are and improving the lives of their dogs. Use coupon code ROMNGFREE to get your first month for free. Click the link below to try it out, you have nothing to lose and a well-behaved dog (and your sanity) to gain.

Join Ian’s Online Training Community here!

Check out the Vermont Dog Trainer Show podcast here

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