paws down 🐾 the best compostable dog poop bags!

Superior quality. Premium style. 100% compostable. That's right, we now carry 100% compostable dog poop bags made with corn starch additives that enable the bags to fully degrade in less that 3 months! 

These are not the usual compostable bags that are on the market. You know, the ones that are flimsy, are likely to tear and get messy when you are trying to pick up after your pup! Our compostable poop bags are thick, strong and guaranteed not break in the heat of the moment!

Unlike those other bags that are green and/or white and clearly show what your pup left behind, our compostable poop bags are black so you wont see what's inside!

Just like our EPI degradable poop bags, these compostable poop bags are ultra-stylish and available for monthly subscriptions and individual orders!



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