overnight camping in Los Padres Mt. Figueroa campground - rōmng

overnight camping in Los Padres Mt. Figueroa campground

Oh man, what can we say! We had a blast exploring Mt. Figueroa in the Los Padres National Forest. It all started with a severe case of cabin fever for me and the pup. Being stuck at home for nearly 3 months was really taking a toll on us so we decided to take to the open road and go on an adventure; and what a wise decision it was! It was like a complete reset. From the peaceful and serine drive up the coast to winding up the Los Padres forest to being attacked by a swarm of flies during the day to the echos of owls hooting in the darkness, it was all an experience we will remember forever.

We tend to wait for "the right time" to go out and explore or go on a vacation but life doesn't have a set schedule, and in reality any time can be the right time if you take the initiative and commit to action. If there's anything that this pandemic has taught us it's that life is short and living life to its fullest is something many do not do yet it is in our own power to do so as we see fit. So if you're thinking about going on a trip or have been "waiting" for the right time, this is your time to take action and get out there!

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