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how to crate train your pup

Before you say to yourself why do I need to crate train my dog because I hate crates. I want you to think about a baby in a crib. I want you to think about yourself going to your bedroom every night to sleep in your bed, in your "dark cave". Plain and simple we all follow The Rule of 3: We sleep in a bedroom, we come out of the bedroom to find a place to sit and then we leave the home to do activities and socialize. 

Your pup needs its own place to call their safe spot to recharge and relax. Imagine if you were only able to find sleep on the sofa and you never had a bedroom. You would become irritable and protective of the space you claim to be your bedroom. You instinctually will claim space if you are not given space. Your dog will be more relaxed and balanced if you use a crate. 

Using the crate is the beginning to your training. This is meant as a way to control your dog in order to establish a routine. The routine you are going to establish is like a ritual every step has to be done exactly the way we explain.

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